About Me


Writing is in my blood and I truly enjoy toying with words and their meanings. Since I first started out working on trying out gaming consoles and reviewing them, much has changed in the way we read text online.

Today, I write for websites within many different fields, aiming to captivate new audiences and to develop them into clients. Many of these readers are people who don’t have patience for lengthy texts or longer explanations, so I’ve learned to take full advantage of my words.

My main focus is on using words that will potentially attract more clients to your business. I am well aware of the various needs for different web projects and I therefore carefully tune in to your specific needs, doing my utmost to provide you with content tailored to your business and target group.

No Brainer content is content that you understand without thinking, using words, phrases and calls for actions that speak to your guts.

Today more than ever, it is crucial to provide your site’s visitors with words that they can process subconsciously, words that speak to them and make them realize just why they need to contact you, buy from you or take any other action that you are hoping for.

Having been in this business for over 11 years I have witnessed the changes and constant Google updates. One thing, though, has remained constant, and that is quality. I may follow the flow, use different text structures and implement new concepts for keywords and placement of links, but I will never compromise on the quality of my work!

As I see it, a text must be of the highest quality regardless of whether it’s meant to describe a sport shoe or whether it discusses rules of a particular poker version.

I put my mind and passion into every project and create unique texts that allow you and your business to stand out in your field.