How has Advanced Web Ranking helped our SEO work?

Any business or organization knows that strategy and plans must be followed by thorough evaluation. Within the SEO industry there are a lot of cool programs and software that one can easily get overexcited by. One might have good use of some of these tools but without proper analysis and evaluation it is not reasonable to continue to pay for a subscription or even take up space on the hard drive for the program. Having used Advanced Web Ranking for a year, the time has come to have a look at how Advanced Web Ranking has helped us with our SEO strategies and work…

The main feature

The main feature of Advanced Web Ranking is to track down the rank of different sites for different keywords. This sounds easy enough and for someone busy with a few keywords for a single site it might not seem as such an important tool, but once you get deeper into the business working with multiple sites it becomes impossible to track everything manually. The possibility of getting this information quickly is simply a great asset and something that has helped our understanding of our work immensely. Not only does it make sense to regularly monitor the status of our own sites and keywords, it is also a must to see what is happening with the competition for those very same keywords.
We have been able to track multiple keywords for multiple websites and this under different proxies all through one service! Advanced Web Ranking has helped us with this and saved us a ton of time, and no one should be mistaken about time being money, especially not when you have a lot of SEO work to do.

New opportunities

The overview that comes with the fast updates and tracking of ranking is not only good for understanding how our current work pays off. The reports and analysis is crucial when looking at the competition but we found that this came with more than the notion of us having to put in more efforts somewhere, namely, it came with opportunities. With such a clear overview we suddenly faced a new type of situation where we actually could see new ways of beating the competition by staying one step ahead of them. Of course, this takes proper understanding of how to read the data collected and presented by this great tool but the ability is certainly there and yes, we benefited from it.

Clear instructions for clients

Work done for clients must be reported properly. While most of our clients are fine with our updates by email and phone, all of them agree that a report showing the current situation is a very good thing to have. With Advanced Web Ranking a professional report in PDF format is easy to create and send out to the relevant client. This makes us look more professional and it enhances the trust between us and our client not to mention how it makes it easier for us to track what has been said, what has been done, what SEO goals where achieved and, most importantly, what has proven to work.

Social monitoring

An area that people are starting to take for granted is the social one. Today we know that platforms like Twitter and Facebook play a very important role in the SEO work, but how can we track and analyze the progress in these fields? Getting many likes is wonderful but how can you tell a client what this means in terms of social progress? Advanced Web Ranking has taken care of this issue by offering a feature where the social growth can be measured and presented in an easy to understand way. All social accounts can be connected and analyzed without any effort on our behalf, we get it, and so do our clients.

Will we continue using Advanced Web Ranking?

Absolutely!  this program has proven to be invaluable in our efforts to get a grip of our SEO work and progress. We can only recommend it to others who are looking for a smart and comprehensive overview regarding ranking of multiple websites, and a deeper understanding of analytics that would otherwise take a lot of time to collect and track. The software saves time, efforts and makes it much easier to communicate with clients about the purpose, goals and outcome of the work. With the clear and simple interface it is also a lot of fun to work with Advanced Web Ranking.

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Why its important to have high quality content on your Website?

With more content to your site you can generate more visits but if this content is of low quality you might as well cut it out. Low quality content can be more harmful to your website than what you might think. With high quality content you give your visitors the impression of knowledge and stability which will influence how they view the purpose of your site.

Stay Correct
High quality content entails correctness. Just like you wouldn’t state products or prices that aren’t right you shouldn’t have articles with false information on your webpage. Whatever article you chose to publish it needs to state truthful and accurate facts. A high quality writer must always get the information from a firsthand source and be sure not to write things that could make the whole article a joke at best!

No Copies or Scam Program Material
This leads us to the most important subject of copies and scam programs. Today it is well known how important content is for a webpage to get visits and some will try to create it in a dishonest way. This includes copying text straight off from another site or run it through a scam program that scrambles the sentences to make it all look fresh and new. Search engines do pick up on this type of cheating and the results could be that the site eventually drops even lower in the search results.

Let People find you
High quality content makes sure that your site gets a top rating with search engines like Google. This is extremely important since it will generate new visits to your site. People that might never have thought of looking for your particular site will find you because the content on your page matched their search and needs.

Be innovative
True quality content is also about giving over new ideas and angles. You want the visitors to your site to feel that you had something interesting to add. The writer needs to find the balance between stating the information and giving some innovative ideas around it. Finding this type of content is not always easy but it will be well worth it. When people see that your site has something new and interesting to give over they will come for more because this is the kind of quality that everyone is looking for.

Be Helpful
When people look for information online it is usually because they need some kind of help. If they feel that your site presents them with helpful advice already before they consider buying anything from you, it will be of great impact. By using high quality content writing on your site you give over the message that your services, products and information are of high quality.

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Is your Content Copied or Re-Written?

Despite serious measures from Google, copied and re-written content is still very much an issue. You want to get original high quality content for your website and if you are not careful about your choice of content writer you might get something very different. Copied material can be hard to discover, especially if it keeps a high level of grammar and spelling. To avoid copied and re-written content you should make sure that your SEO writer works with other strategies for producing original content.

Re-Written Content
By re-arranging sentences and paragraphs from existing content online the writer says the same thing and presents it as new content. For a writer the benefits of this type of writing are obvious. Re-writing an existing piece of information is easy and doesn’t take much time. Some web-writers are professional at re-writing content and they will charge you the same money that you would have to pay for real original compositions.
It used to be that hand-made re-written material was hard for Google to spot but this has changed. Google’s robots are now advanced enough to see when the article is re-written from existing content online. If you are worried that the content you have in your site is copied you should start by a simple Google search to see if the same sentences and paragraphs exist in another website. Make sure to tell your writer that you want original content only.

Auto-Generated Content
Worse than the hand-made re-writes are the auto-generated articles that SEO companies all over the world employ to make the most out of time and money. By using specific software for re-writes the writer will only have to press a button to get the same material with other words and different sentence structure. Auto-generated content is often used for link building to create make-believe articles for online directories. This type of content should be shunned as it is a sure way to get penalized by Google who knows just how to spot it.
Re-written content is also problematic when it comes to accuracy of the information. Even if the re-write was handmade it can be full of mistakes. The writer might have based his article on something which was previously re-written and the result is a very poor result. You want to keep your site free of mistakes that have been repeated in another 100 different sites which is another reason to work with original SEO writing rather than creative re-writes.

The Best Content
The best SEO content is handmade and written from scratch. The writer doesn’t have to become an expert on the subject to say something about it in a unique way. It is obvious that the SEO writer will have to gather information from existing sources but by using different sources and talent he can come up with something which will be unique for your site. By working with an experienced writer you can present the information in a fresh and stimulating way which will make both visitors and Google happy!

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The Quality of Your Content – Spelling and Grammar

Anyone with basic knowledge of English can use a regular word processor to check spelling and grammar mistakes, but composition is not only about how to spell “color.” The English speaking world is not homogenous and neither are the rules for how to write. This is something you must consider when you want to get high quality content to your website. A good SEO writer can type you the information you need, and put the commas in the right place, but before you go ahead and order the content you should consider the following points.

Flow of Words
Take a look at some samples from the writer you want to hire and read without paying too much attention to details. What is the reading experience like? Do you go from paragraph to paragraph with ease, or do you stumble over each and every sentence, wondering what they are trying to say? Proper spelling and correct grammar is a must, but don’t forget about the expression and tone of the composition.

Rules for Spelling
English content writers can be found all over the world but that doesn’t mean that they have expert knowledge about your place of birth. Did you know that the Tasmanians often refer to their Island as Tas, Tassie or Tassy? Write this into a word processor and it will all come up in red, wrong spelling! Yes, this is not how you spell Tasmania but it is how you say it. If you forget about the spoken language of your clients you might miss out on an important tool to make them feel at home in your website. You know exactly what expressions to work with so make sure to let your writer know, to create the best content possible.

Rules for Headings
There are different rules for how to capitalize a heading and depending on what school you go by it will be correct to only capitalize the first letter of the heading or to capitalize letters according to more complicated rules. Some online editors will automatically take care of this issue and this becomes especially relevant when you add articles to online directories. You have more power to influence the style of headings and paragraphs when the content is meant for your own site. The same goes for spelling. If your clients are exclusively from the US you want to see color and not “colour” and you want the general language of the article to have an American tone. Express this to your writer and discuss if there are any specific expressions or a certain style that you want to see throughout your content.

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Keeping a Good Keyword Density

A good keyword density is said to stay around 2-3% but there is more to this issue than the actual amount of times that the keyword is repeated. Many internet entrepreneurs want to kill, not two birds, but ten with one stone. This strategy of filling one article with numerous keywords and phrases is not very smart. It is better to add several different articles on the same subject and stick to 1-2 keywords in each. Once a site has a lot of material within a specific area Google will know that this is a place to send visitors to for lots of information.

The Recommended 2-3% Percent
In a regular SEO article of 450-500 words a keyword or phrase should show up 2-4 times. More than this might be considered as spam by Google. If the keyword needs to be used a lot it is better to find synonyms. Professional SEO writers know how to create content which has a good keyword density without making it boring or stiff. In fact, using the key phrase too much will make most readers feel that there is something fishy about the page.

Variations of the Same Keyword
Sometimes it is important to think about how the keyword is put together with other words. This is especially so when the content is used for the purpose of backlinks. If the article is about the “Hotel Lambada” it can be helpful to create phrases which have to do with this hotel in different aspects. Phrases like “stay at the Hotel Lambada” and “Hotel Lambada guests” can be used for important link building which helps the original site to cement their presence online.

Too Many Different Keywords
It happens a lot that site owners want to squeeze many keywords into the same article. They will brief the SEO writer with the title and then request 10-15 keywords to be included. A good writer can certainly compose the piece but for SEO purposes the strategy is not a good one. If there is a lack of concentration on 1-2 specific keywords in an article, Google’s robots will treat it accordingly. The search engines will note that you have the information on your site but due to the many different keywords it looks as if you have less information on each keyword. The result is a lower position in the search results for all of the keywords. If you feel that your site will benefit from many different keywords and key phrases the key to success lies in your focus. Work with 1-2 keywords at once and make sure to add a lot of high quality material so that you will be recognized as a serious source by the search engines. Once you have more information on each keyword you can be more relaxed about adding articles that are spread evenly over the different topics. Remember that a normal growth pace is recommended and this is certainly so for the keywords. If you create an explosion of keywords on your site at once there is a great risk that Google will treat your information as spam.

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Is the Content of Your Site Accurate?

No matter what you are dealing with, it is always advisable to stick to the truth in the content you connect your name and brand with. Even for articles that are placed in article directories with links to your site, it is important to be accurate. People are pretty good at detecting lies and exaggerations so many times it is better to state the truth which might be less glorious than the fiction.
Site owners are usually very careful to avoid inaccuracy and they wouldn’t dream about stating false information with all of the problems that this can lead to. Web writers, however, are not always as scrupulous about the truth. There are plenty of SEO writers that simply copy material online and re-write it. It looks good and the reading is easy but the material is copied maybe two or three times which creates a lot of holes and inaccuracy. If the site owner doesn’t catch this he might get into trouble with Google and that is not a damage which is fast and easy to repair.

Innovative Presentations
To make sure that your content is accurate you should work with SEO writers that deliver original texts of high quality. Make it clear that you won’t accept any types of re-writes. It is better to pay a bit more and get the research necessary for an original piece. This content will stay on your site for years to come so make sure that it is correct from the start.
Another area in your site which demands accuracy is your About Us page. This is the page where you tell people who you are and why you are doing what you are doing. This is an excellent opportunity to be creative and interesting but never to fabricate outright lies! Professional web writers know how to compose innovative presentations based on the truth of your career and philosophy. They can also help you look at your About Us page from a new angle with fresh new ideas for how to tell people more about what you can offer.

Accurate but Irrelevant
Finally, there is a type of accuracy which is not good to include in your website and that is the stuff which is true but irrelevant. If you are selling jewelry you want to give important information about the material and certificates but you don’t need to explain everything in detail. People want to know more about reliable certification but without going into the complete history of every Gem Lab in the world. Discuss this with your SEO writer and try to determine which type of information your visitors will be looking for. Give them the accurate details in a relevant way!

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How Relevant is Your Content to Your Target Audience?

Your website has been available for many years and you probably updated the look and design more than once but did you stop to analyze the content? If you don’t have a website for your business it is almost as if it doesn’t exist. No one uses the Yellow Pages anymore, except for the version online! The thing to understand is that if your content isn’t relevant enough to your target audience you might as well stop paying the annual server fee and go back to the traditional Yellow Pages.

The Basics
Every website must have the obvious information like information about how to contact you and where you are located. Once people come to your site and learn more about your services they might want to give you a call right away. Consider how they will find your contact details and discuss with your web designer how to make the information easily available from all points of your site. Before you start answering questions about your area of business you need to answer the most basic queries about who you are and why you do what you do.

Questions and Answers
The best content online is the type that answers questions. People go to Google and other search engines to learn more and get the answers that they are looking for. If you have a carpet cleaning business you can drive a lot of new visitors by answering the questions they have about cleaning carpets. Don’t expect them to ask you about professional cleaning. It will be more typical for people to desperately try to find out what to do with a red wine stain or animal urine on a living room carpet. They might be able to handle this stain by themselves but you won’t lose out by showing them how.

Now What?
The best content online is the type that answers questions. People go to Google and other search engines to learn more and get the answers that they are looking for. If you have a carpet cleaning business you can drive a lot of new visitors by answering the questions they have about cleaning carpets. Don’t expect them to ask you about professional cleaning. It will be more typical for people to desperately try to find out what to do with a red wine stain or animal urine on a living room carpet. They might be able to handle this stain by themselves but you won’t lose out by showing them how.
Now you need to think about what kind of questions you can answer. A jeweler should have lots of SEO content about different materials and how to care for them while a carpet cleaner will answer all sorts of questions regarding stains in carpets and upholstery. The answers can be provided on your site or in an online article directory with links pointing to your business.

The more you can support people with information about your area of products or service the better. Google will rank your site as one with relevant information and therefore send more visitors and the visitors will see that you have what they are looking for. It is really that simple but it takes effort and a solid structure for how to build the content of your site. Discuss the layout and navigation with your webmaster and let a professional SEO writer help you analyze what questions your site should answer. This is the recipe for a website with relevant content!

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How Much Content is Enough?

Is there a limit for how much content you should have in your website? If this question seems silly to you it could be that you already know a great deal about SEO or that, in fact, you have missed some crucial points. That content is the key to visitors seems to be understood by most website owners. Time and effort is still put into the design and quality of the site but without the content Google and other search engines will not pick up on your message.

Quantity or Quality
You know that you need to add content to be recognized by Google but does more content equal a better rank with the search engines? The answer to this is both yes and no. If you add high quality content which is original, it will help your status with the search engines but you must work methodically and focused. If you have to choose between 50 re-written PLR articles and 10 original compositions the latter is a better choice. Not only will the content drive visitors from the search engines to your site, they will also stay, thanks to the quality of the content. Remember that the content you add to your site will tell people about you and your business. Before you start filling your site with content you need to decide about the type of message you want to give over. When people feel that a red thread runs through all of your articles they will take you more serious and also understand what you are trying to say. Stick to this method and any additional content will only be a good investment for a strong and convincing site.

New Rules from Google
Google loves quality and continues to refine its algorithms to ensure that people who search for specific information get what they are looking for. To avoid low quality, Google has made new rules and techniques to penalize sites with content that is copied from already existing material. It has been very common for sites to expand quickly by adding this type of content which is basically just a poorer version of something that is already online.
Now Google can detect this type of content and makes sure that it comes up lower in the results than real hand-made material. Google continues to develop their techniques for detecting the “real stuff” and the consequence of this is that a site with lots of original content will be rewarded by a great page rank.

Steady Grow
By now it should be clear that there is no such thing as “enough” when it comes to quality content. The more you add to your site, the better. However, a word of caution is in place here. If you add too much content at once Google will suspect spam and you risk getting penalized by a lower page rank. The key to success lies in a steady grow where you add little by little. This kind of growth is very productive and will only increase your credibility with the search engines and visitors.

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