How has Advanced Web Ranking helped our SEO work?

Any business or organization knows that strategy and plans must be followed by thorough evaluation. Within the SEO industry there are a lot of cool programs and software that one can easily get overexcited by. One might have good use of some of these tools but without proper analysis and evaluation it is not reasonable to continue to pay for a subscription or even take up space on the hard drive for the program. Having used Advanced Web Ranking for a year, the time has come to have a look at how Advanced Web Ranking has helped us with our SEO strategies and work…

The main feature

The main feature of Advanced Web Ranking is to track down the rank of different sites for different keywords. This sounds easy enough and for someone busy with a few keywords for a single site it might not seem as such an important tool, but once you get deeper into the business working with multiple sites it becomes impossible to track everything manually. The possibility of getting this information quickly is simply a great asset and something that has helped our understanding of our work immensely. Not only does it make sense to regularly monitor the status of our own sites and keywords, it is also a must to see what is happening with the competition for those very same keywords.
We have been able to track multiple keywords for multiple websites and this under different proxies all through one service! Advanced Web Ranking has helped us with this and saved us a ton of time, and no one should be mistaken about time being money, especially not when you have a lot of SEO work to do.

New opportunities

The overview that comes with the fast updates and tracking of ranking is not only good for understanding how our current work pays off. The reports and analysis is crucial when looking at the competition but we found that this came with more than the notion of us having to put in more efforts somewhere, namely, it came with opportunities. With such a clear overview we suddenly faced a new type of situation where we actually could see new ways of beating the competition by staying one step ahead of them. Of course, this takes proper understanding of how to read the data collected and presented by this great tool but the ability is certainly there and yes, we benefited from it.

Clear instructions for clients

Work done for clients must be reported properly. While most of our clients are fine with our updates by email and phone, all of them agree that a report showing the current situation is a very good thing to have. With Advanced Web Ranking a professional report in PDF format is easy to create and send out to the relevant client. This makes us look more professional and it enhances the trust between us and our client not to mention how it makes it easier for us to track what has been said, what has been done, what SEO goals where achieved and, most importantly, what has proven to work.

Social monitoring

An area that people are starting to take for granted is the social one. Today we know that platforms like Twitter and Facebook play a very important role in the SEO work, but how can we track and analyze the progress in these fields? Getting many likes is wonderful but how can you tell a client what this means in terms of social progress? Advanced Web Ranking has taken care of this issue by offering a feature where the social growth can be measured and presented in an easy to understand way. All social accounts can be connected and analyzed without any effort on our behalf, we get it, and so do our clients.

Will we continue using Advanced Web Ranking?

Absolutely!  this program has proven to be invaluable in our efforts to get a grip of our SEO work and progress. We can only recommend it to others who are looking for a smart and comprehensive overview regarding ranking of multiple websites, and a deeper understanding of analytics that would otherwise take a lot of time to collect and track. The software saves time, efforts and makes it much easier to communicate with clients about the purpose, goals and outcome of the work. With the clear and simple interface it is also a lot of fun to work with Advanced Web Ranking.

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