Is your Content Copied or Re-Written?

Despite serious measures from Google, copied and re-written content is still very much an issue. You want to get original high quality content for your website and if you are not careful about your choice of content writer you might get something very different. Copied material can be hard to discover, especially if it keeps a high level of grammar and spelling. To avoid copied and re-written content you should make sure that your SEO writer works with other strategies for producing original content.

Re-Written Content
By re-arranging sentences and paragraphs from existing content online the writer says the same thing and presents it as new content. For a writer the benefits of this type of writing are obvious. Re-writing an existing piece of information is easy and doesn’t take much time. Some web-writers are professional at re-writing content and they will charge you the same money that you would have to pay for real original compositions.
It used to be that hand-made re-written material was hard for Google to spot but this has changed. Google’s robots are now advanced enough to see when the article is re-written from existing content online. If you are worried that the content you have in your site is copied you should start by a simple Google search to see if the same sentences and paragraphs exist in another website. Make sure to tell your writer that you want original content only.

Auto-Generated Content
Worse than the hand-made re-writes are the auto-generated articles that SEO companies all over the world employ to make the most out of time and money. By using specific software for re-writes the writer will only have to press a button to get the same material with other words and different sentence structure. Auto-generated content is often used for link building to create make-believe articles for online directories. This type of content should be shunned as it is a sure way to get penalized by Google who knows just how to spot it.
Re-written content is also problematic when it comes to accuracy of the information. Even if the re-write was handmade it can be full of mistakes. The writer might have based his article on something which was previously re-written and the result is a very poor result. You want to keep your site free of mistakes that have been repeated in another 100 different sites which is another reason to work with original SEO writing rather than creative re-writes.

The Best Content
The best SEO content is handmade and written from scratch. The writer doesn’t have to become an expert on the subject to say something about it in a unique way. It is obvious that the SEO writer will have to gather information from existing sources but by using different sources and talent he can come up with something which will be unique for your site. By working with an experienced writer you can present the information in a fresh and stimulating way which will make both visitors and Google happy!

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