Keeping a Good Keyword Density

A good keyword density is said to stay around 2-3% but there is more to this issue than the actual amount of times that the keyword is repeated. Many internet entrepreneurs want to kill, not two birds, but ten with one stone. This strategy of filling one article with numerous keywords and phrases is not very smart. It is better to add several different articles on the same subject and stick to 1-2 keywords in each. Once a site has a lot of material within a specific area Google will know that this is a place to send visitors to for lots of information.

The Recommended 2-3% Percent
In a regular SEO article of 450-500 words a keyword or phrase should show up 2-4 times. More than this might be considered as spam by Google. If the keyword needs to be used a lot it is better to find synonyms. Professional SEO writers know how to create content which has a good keyword density without making it boring or stiff. In fact, using the key phrase too much will make most readers feel that there is something fishy about the page.

Variations of the Same Keyword
Sometimes it is important to think about how the keyword is put together with other words. This is especially so when the content is used for the purpose of backlinks. If the article is about the “Hotel Lambada” it can be helpful to create phrases which have to do with this hotel in different aspects. Phrases like “stay at the Hotel Lambada” and “Hotel Lambada guests” can be used for important link building which helps the original site to cement their presence online.

Too Many Different Keywords
It happens a lot that site owners want to squeeze many keywords into the same article. They will brief the SEO writer with the title and then request 10-15 keywords to be included. A good writer can certainly compose the piece but for SEO purposes the strategy is not a good one. If there is a lack of concentration on 1-2 specific keywords in an article, Google’s robots will treat it accordingly. The search engines will note that you have the information on your site but due to the many different keywords it looks as if you have less information on each keyword. The result is a lower position in the search results for all of the keywords. If you feel that your site will benefit from many different keywords and key phrases the key to success lies in your focus. Work with 1-2 keywords at once and make sure to add a lot of high quality material so that you will be recognized as a serious source by the search engines. Once you have more information on each keyword you can be more relaxed about adding articles that are spread evenly over the different topics. Remember that a normal growth pace is recommended and this is certainly so for the keywords. If you create an explosion of keywords on your site at once there is a great risk that Google will treat your information as spam.

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