The Quality of Your Content – Spelling and Grammar

Anyone with basic knowledge of English can use a regular word processor to check spelling and grammar mistakes, but composition is not only about how to spell “color.” The English speaking world is not homogenous and neither are the rules for how to write. This is something you must consider when you want to get high quality content to your website. A good SEO writer can type you the information you need, and put the commas in the right place, but before you go ahead and order the content you should consider the following points.

Flow of Words
Take a look at some samples from the writer you want to hire and read without paying too much attention to details. What is the reading experience like? Do you go from paragraph to paragraph with ease, or do you stumble over each and every sentence, wondering what they are trying to say? Proper spelling and correct grammar is a must, but don’t forget about the expression and tone of the composition.

Rules for Spelling
English content writers can be found all over the world but that doesn’t mean that they have expert knowledge about your place of birth. Did you know that the Tasmanians often refer to their Island as Tas, Tassie or Tassy? Write this into a word processor and it will all come up in red, wrong spelling! Yes, this is not how you spell Tasmania but it is how you say it. If you forget about the spoken language of your clients you might miss out on an important tool to make them feel at home in your website. You know exactly what expressions to work with so make sure to let your writer know, to create the best content possible.

Rules for Headings
There are different rules for how to capitalize a heading and depending on what school you go by it will be correct to only capitalize the first letter of the heading or to capitalize letters according to more complicated rules. Some online editors will automatically take care of this issue and this becomes especially relevant when you add articles to online directories. You have more power to influence the style of headings and paragraphs when the content is meant for your own site. The same goes for spelling. If your clients are exclusively from the US you want to see color and not “colour” and you want the general language of the article to have an American tone. Express this to your writer and discuss if there are any specific expressions or a certain style that you want to see throughout your content.

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