What can I do for you?

Well… if you are looking to direct more traffic to your website and more visitors turning into real buyers I can help you achieve that by:

  • Providing you with content that attracts the search engines as well as real people
  • Making sure to implement the keywords and key phrases that are necessary in order to show up in search results when people are looking for your services and products
  • Assisting you with regular updates to ensure that your site is active and thereby highly valued by Google and returning visitors
  • Creating product descriptions that give your potential clients a good reason to click on the “buy” button
  • Creating product reviews that can be used by affiliate marketers and the company behind the product to successfully market it

But I can do a lot more…

After so many years in the content writing business I understand that you require high quality and fast and smooth service. You can expect:

  • A good understanding of your needs for keyword implementation, authority backlinks, well structured text for easy reading on different screens, implementation of calls for action and more…
  • Help with publishing content directly on your blog or website
  • Adding new and important angles to your niche to enrich your site and give your visitors fresh and highly valuable content


Do I understand your business?

This depends on your area of expertise. At this point I am well experienced in writing areas such as fashion, gambling, health, real estate, farming, technology and travel.

I am quite handy at collecting information and learning about new topics in order to be able to write about them. So I can most likely help you with your individual subject matter, creating valuable content that touches on the most important points for your visitors and clients.


Content ready to use

A major advantage of my service is that you get ready to use content. I listen carefully to your instructions and deliver texts according to the format that you need.

Working with three important steps I ensure that you can simply publish the texts that I send you, unless of course, you prefer that I take care of the publishing too.

  • Step 1 – Thorough research
  • Step 2 – Creative writing
  • Step 3 – Professional proofreading

These are the three steps that lead to quality texts for all of your online projects and I use them regardless of whether I’m creating articles, blog posts, product descriptions, press releases, user manuals or links texts.


What about backlinks?

Yes, I am also experienced enough to help you out with link texts that can be used on different online platforms. I know how to structure backlink articles, making sure that your anchor text appears in the right place with the right url. I also work with authority links to create higher value for the text.

I can help you with sources for backlinks but my main service is the actual text and the structure that it will need to give your links maximum power both in terms of SEO and in terms of immediate visitors through the links.


Rewrites and editing

Sometimes my clients need updates, rewrites and editing of existing materials. I can help you shape your site so that it will include the right keywords, use better language for online readers, keep a structure better suited for smaller screens and be suited for your target group using language that they can understand and relate to.

Contact me today and let me know more about your project and the text you need for promoting and maintaining your website.