Work Process

Each and every piece of content that comes out of my keyboard MUST pass 3 layers:

Layer 1  
I conduct serious research and get familiar with the topic I need to write about so that it will have a natural feel and seems to have been composed by someone with a depth of knowledge on the topic.

Layer 2  ✓✓
I compose the content from scratch and I make sure that it will be “Google friendly” as well as easy and fun to read, with perfect grammar, a good flow and an elegant tone.

Layer 3   ✓ ✓ ✓
Professional proofreading – once the content has been composed I pass it along to undergo serious proofreading, it gets tweaked slightly when needed, and I ensure that it is free of typos, spelling mistakes, grammar issues and so on… This process is done both manually and with the use of special software.